Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

What a week! This was seriously one of the coolest weeks ever. I had so much fun, with so many of my friends. It was crazy,busy and so much happened!
Here are some fun facts

  -I made a trial run of Ezra's birthday cake, which I only succeeded with half the cake, 3 other layers of the cake were destroyed, I forgot the eggs. (facepalm)

-I had lunch with friends yesterday and we've decided that it must happen once a month.

-I have terrible handwriting. I can't even read it.

-I believe that constantly comparing yourself to others is self destructing.

-My dad turns 51 today!

-I am embarrassed of the tiny hairs on my toes. And when I was pregnant I cut up my feet so bad trying to shave them, my big belly got in the way.... ouch.

-Ezra will take a single strand of hair and play with it forever!
-I am a really big eater.really. I will go up for 2nds, like, 5 more times.(Do you still call it 2nds?)

-Have you ever set the table correctly? I know I haven't- although I try really hard.

-Ezra and I "assisted" JoAnne at a photo shoot, it is so fun to watch a professional in action.

-Isn't this picture the best. He looks like such a bad A.

My family will be celebrating my birthday, my dad's, my grandpa's, AND Ezra's!

It should be another great weekend and I cannot wait for some yummy cake!