Monday, October 3, 2011

My Monday

Our weekend passed us by as quickly as the rest. General Conference was great. The talks were so beautiful and inspiring. It definitely helped to get this week off on a good start.
No matter what kind of day I had...

(I have to apologize for the super random/boring photos. I was off my game today)

First things first. I had to wax my 'stache. So- that I did. While Ezra napped, I tried to straighten up our little home after a lazy weekend and got ready for the day.

I put the car seat back in the car, loaded the diaper bag and my books in the back seat, I ran back inside to finish getting ready and get Ezra ready for our usual Monday scripture study. When it came time to leave, I loaded Ezra up, locked the house and realized I lost the car keys. Couldn't find them anywhere. With Ezra in the car, I ran back inside looked EVERYWHERE. I decided we should take the other car. I moved Ezra into the other car, along with everything else, and headed on our way.... until. I realised that I forgot his bottle. UGH! I pulled over, tried to clear my head and calm myself, turned the car around and headed back home. I ran into the house with my head spinning. find bottle.find KEYS,I quickly replayed what I did earlier and I suddenly remembered, (after a replaying prayer) the keys were accidentally scooped up in the midst of my cleaning and inside a hat that was put away in the closet. Once again, I moved Ezra and everything else into the other car and then we headed out on our way. What a morning!

Ezra played with the other little ones, and with their toys. as usual.
After scripture study, I ran to the store to pick up some things to help organize our drawers and closets (I have told you how they are a mess, right?)And I had to buy a pumpkin!
Once we made it home, Ezra gobbled up his lunch, and we both took much needed naps.

My sister visited us after we woke up, we giggled and laughed as she tried on one of my old, but awesome, Halloween costumes. Snow White. I might have to wear this again if I can't come up with something!

She couldn't help but kiss Ezra.
I also picked Ezra up some cool dinosaurs. He's a boy! Boys need Dinosaurs!
I packed Ezra up, once again and headed to the grocery store. This is always a chore, especially now that Ezra tries to stand while he's in the cart. Everyone stops and asks how old he is and tells me what a doll (I know) he is... as proud as I am, I need to keep going. Trying to check out, keep Ezra happy, bag AND pay is a joke by the way. The cashier felt bad for me I think, he gave me 5$ off. Sweet young guy.
Once we got home, Ezra had some sweet potato fries while I talked to my mom and waited for Marshall to get home.

We had dinner, looked at our disc of photos by JoAnne and oo'd and awed at how great they turned out.

We had a quick Family Home Evening on how the Lord blesses those that are faithful and tucked Ezra into bed.

I have a pretty quiet week planned, and I hope to get outside and enjoy this awesome weather!
I am also so excited to have lunch with Katie tomorrow!