Monday, October 10, 2011

My Monday

Random photos from the weekend
 (On Saturday we went to the park and hit up KFC for dinner. Ezra tried Mac and cheese for the first time and LOVED it! He is definitely my kid.)

My Monday could not have been any busier.
Let me tell you.
It was so busy I barely had time to take photos!
I hosted scripture study at my house at 10, had a haircut appointment at 10, joined my study group at 10:30, had another appointment at Noon, Gave Ezra lunch while she processed- (Had a good friend watch Ezra for me, and Ezra was in a good mood so I didn't think she needed to stay) Napped, Ran to the grocery store (I had 45 minutes to shop, get home-put everything away, give neighbor zucchini bread-nurse Ezra), before my friends came over for family haircuts at 3:30. I was pushing it.
Ezra was able to play with Crew and Sadie and was held by probably one of the biggest guys he has ever met (Adam).
This is such a beautiful family, and it was so fun to see them all today.
I wish they could have stayed longer!
I saw Marshall walking up the driveway and thought I would take a picture of him the minute he walked in the door because I was so terrible at remembering to take photos today... (See above.) Funny, huh? Classic Marshall walking in (Honey//I'm home) With his man bag and all. Love it.
In the midst of such a crazy day, I actually was able to make dinner.
Lemon pepper Tilapia with Rice and Veggies, and if you haven't noticed this by now, it has been our Monday meal. (Lack of creativity on my part.)
Ezra had sweet potato fries, a banana, some fish,Beef and gravy, some crackers, banana yogurt drink.... Did I mention that we weighed him yesterday and according to our scale he is 19 or 20 lbs!! heck yes!

We have a big boy on our hands! Yahoo!

After I put him to sleep, I ran back to the store to pick up some Oreos and ice cream (and dropped off about 30 pairs of shoes to the donation box).
 Because after the day I had, I felt like I needed a treat.

What a great way to start off the week, nice and busy.
Tomorrow I have a hair appointment, a baking lesson, and to find Ezra a birthday hat.
Wednesday, Ezra will have cake smashing photos taken, and I will have my hair colored,Thursday I have a lunch date with some friends, Friday is fun facts Friday and date night!
Here is to a wonderfully busy/planned week!

Have a great week!