Monday, October 17, 2011

My Monday.

Holy Crap. Did you know that my sister Kyra and her little guy Grayson totally surprised me on Saturday! I had no idea that she was coming to visit. My little sister and my mom were in on it, and they got me good! It was the best surprise ever because I have really been missing her and wishing so badly that Ezra and Grayson could play together. With that said, My Monday post is particularly random. Here she goes!

Ezra slept all night. And when I say 'all night' I mean it! From 8:45pm to 7:15 am. YA! He partied hard last night with his cousin and it wore him out. We woke up, ate breakfast, played, napped and then Kyra (My sister), Grayson (her son), and my mom showed up around 10 am. Right after I waxed my 'stache.

We ate lots of candy and I did her hair, which turned out beautiful by the way while Grayson and Ezra played all afternoon.

Grayson had his one year photos taken by the lovely JoAnne.

Ezra wanted some time on his rocking horse- He was rocking and fell like slow motion, I tried to catch him, but maybe made it worse and he hit his mouth on the handle and it bled bad. My baby's first bloody lip.He cried and I cried with him. He is such a trooper, once we made our way back inside he had shaken it off and was good as new.

We ate Wendy's for lunch and then I had a client at 3:00, my original babysitter had detention, so my little sister came to the rescue. It worked out perfectly with her because she wanted to say good bye to Kyra and Grayson before they left for the airport.

(Found these photos on my camera)
Once they were all gone (around 5pm) My house was so quiet. I was immediately bored. I packed up Ezra and ran to get groceries before Marshall got home. I had no menu plan this week (as I usually do) Marshall was texting me ideas for dinners this week on his bus ride home.

We had chicken patty sandwiches and salad for dinner (Marshall's choice) Ezra even had his own patty! He made a very big mess and had a bath.

And as any usual Monday night, we ended it with a quick FHE- this week our lesson was on prayer.

Ezra fell right asleep and I could have crawled right in his crib with him, he smelt so sweet from his bath and his pj's were so cozy and soft.

What a great way to start off the week, although I am totally wishing my sister and G could have stayed longer than the weekend, I am still so happy they came!