Monday, October 24, 2011

My Monday

I have been a stay at home mom since July 1st, but today, October 24th, It seemed as though it was my first time actually being a STAY.AT.HOME.MOM.

The real thing. The real job.
A real stay at home mom. And it was hard.
With Ezra and I being a little under the weather we were able to spend the whole day together at home with no where to go, no plans and with the entire day ahead of us!

We started our day out by keeping Marshall from getting on the bus on time, he missed it, as usual and had to take a later one.
We watched him board his bus out our big window and waved buh bye until we couldn't see the bus down our street any longer.
After having breakfast and putting Ezra down for a nap and only napping for 25 minutes, I had a feeling it was going to be a kind of day. Which it was.

I laid blankets on the floor and he didn't know what to do with himself, he kepting laying,rolling, giggling and scooting all over the soft blankets. I told him to pretend he was on a raft in the middle of the ocean and not to fall off otherwise he would fall into the water... he doesn't understand, because if he did he would have known that that he would drowned because he scooted off his blanket/raft like a million times.
Of course we snuggled.
I swear he cruised right up to me and smacked a kiss on my cheek, when I noticed this, I said "Are you kissing mommy?! (squealing, of course) and he kept his lips on my cheek and let out a squeal as well.
I busted him. and he knew it.

Grandma and Grandpa Abrahamson (Marshall's mom and dad) gave him the coolest/cutest little school bus for his birthday(early) and he can't get enough of it. He played with Maggie,Michael, Carlos (You know, the little people?) and the bus almost all day.

After trying to put him down for his afternoon nap, he woke up after maybe a half an hour. His nose is stuffy and his room is bright during the day it must be hard for him to get any sleep. I pulled him out of his crib and brought him to the chaise where I was resting and we napped together for the last of the afternoon.

When we woke up, we took a drive to the drycleaners and when we got back Ezra helped me with the laundry and as aways, he pulls everything out and onto the floor.
These folded clothes are still piled on my couch waiting to be put away.

I tried to make a list of things to get done today, I maybe did 4 of the things on my list and napping was one of them. Eep.

After Ezra and I cleaned up our messes from such a fun day together, we had dinner and a quick FHE. Ezra starts to lose his mind around 7:30pm and Marshall reads him a couple stories before we put him down to sleep.

Once Ezra was asleep Marshall and I watched the most recent episode of Fringe, which is super nerdy, but we LOVE it. I never liked sci-fi before meeting Marshall, and I am not proud to admit that I love it, but I do. I love it. Marshall often has to remind me that it isn't real. Because I believe it could be.

This was a long day, and a hard day. My hair is still damp and wrapped up in a bun. I never had the chance to get around to actually getting ready today.

Tomorrow is my birthday and maybe I can dry my hair tomorrow?