Monday, October 31, 2011

My Monday

After waking up from a wonderful nights sleep, Ezra and I played with his new light saber, which was an impulse buy along with sweatpants.(For real. Marshall was so proud.)

I got Ezra ready for the day- He hated his hat and wanted to eat his beard. He was a Gnome for Halloween. He was adorable!
We went to scripture study group and had great discussions.
We came home and had lunch, dropped cookies off to a friend and came home to play some more.

After playing around on the floor with his tub and toys, we snuggled and napped.
Because I am weaning him I feel like I am getting jipped on my cuddle times, so I took advantage of some down time and snuggled with him until Marshall came home. 
I have been over budget the last couple weeks on the groceries and I was so happy when Marshall came with tonight. We cut our bill in HALF and it was so nice to have an extra hand with bagging and paying.
Ezra kept his hat on at the grocery store, I think he was showing off.

We came home and ate leftover lasagna, strawberries and chocolate chip cookies.
We had family home evening on scripture study and how we should do it more often.
Marshall read Ezra his bedtime stories and we put him to sleep.
Immediately after putting him down Marshall asked if I was expecting anyone, I wasn't and asked why. I heard knock knock knock on the door and voices. We turned off the lights and tried to hide.
We didn't have any candy for the kiddies, but these were older kids from what we could tell. We were sliding our bodies against the walls and even crawling down the hall trying to get the other to answer the door. The people at the door were looking at us through the windows and getting mad that we wouldn't answer. Eventually they gave up and left. My heart is still pounding.

I can't wait until next year when we can bring Ezra door to door to go trick or treating.
He will absolutely love it.

Marshall and I will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary tomorrow.
It should be a great week!