Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fun Fact Friday::Thanksgiving Edition

The weather sure was beautiful yesterday, wasn't it? We actually left our screen door open so we could enjoy the crisp breeze... (especially for the boys who were having a ping pong tournament downstairs) This year was my first attempt at making a turkey- originally this was supposed to be Marshall's job, but- I took it over. We brined our turkey and let me tell you, it turned out PERFECT! I hate that I didn't take any pictures of it finished (I only remember after we have cut into it.) I also made mashed potatoes, which are my FAVORITE, and they were Delicious and I always make a blueberry cream cheesecake. Ezra fell asleep just as the party started and I was feeling sad that he had missed out on the party.
Since we hosted this year,  I wanted to make our table really pretty but didn't want to go ALL out on decor (not exactly my style- and it's really hard with an active little boy)
I had a vision of an all white thanksgiving, white tables, white candles, white serving dishes...white.. you get it?
I ran the the thrift store yesterday and picked up 14 brass candle holders all different sizes and shapes and brought them home and spray painted them, you guessed it. WHITE.
They turned out beautiful, and thankfully we had beautiful weather and a warm sun to allow these puppies to dry otherwise it never would have worked out!
I lined our 12ft table setting with these candle sticks and it almost looked glamorous!
I was so happy they looked so nice.
Every year for thanksgiving, the Abrahamson family traces their hands and writes one thing they are grateful for on each finger, then we usually tape them all together into a fun turkey shape
... Ezra loved having his hand traced, it tickled.
Emily (Marshall's sister) and Koby, her husband are in town for the weekend, it is so fun when family visit.

After the house was cleaned and everyone left, Marshall, Ezra and I laid out on the floor and relaxed our big bellies from all the food and the busy day.
Ezra was happy to have us all to himself.
 And if you are still interested, here are a couple fun facts.

-I need a new pair of jeans, a pair that doesn't fall down my butt when I bend over.

- I have never gone shopping on Black Friday.

- I have a new found love for Mexican food.

-I love to go bowling.

- I am looking forward to my hair appointment next week.

-I found the cutest drapes for my living room.

-The man that was working on the insulation in our attic fell off a ladder and knocked out some teeth, and broke his arm in two places--so... our project is on hold, and I am praying it doesn't get too cold. I am pretty sure there isn't much insulation up there.

-We have been catching Ezra standing by himself more and more often.

-Marshall is growing out his beard! YAY!! I love his beard.

We plan on putting up our Christmas tree this weekend and spending time with family.
Have a great weekend!