Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

This was such a great week- Halloween quickly came and went and Marshall and I celebrated 3 years married.I enjoyed lunch with Jana, who surprised Ezra and I with balloons, a banner AND an cupcake with the birthday song, I have such a great friend. I went thrifting with another friend of mine and didn't have much luck- that was a sad adventure, but enjoyed spending time with JoAnne. Today is Ezra's 1 year doctors appointment. I have been rubbing his little thighs and calling to the angels to swing on in while he gets his shots. I feel so bad when they poke him.

Here are a couple Fun Facts

-Marshall and I went to PF Changs to celebrate us. It was delicious. We reminisced about the last 3 years, held hands and smooched. I love this man.

-Ezra has been taking the longest naps in the afternoon. I am talkin 2-3 hours ya'll!
AND! Get This! He is sleeping 10-12 hours in the night. SAY WHAT?!
- I am not ready for the snow.
-I ordered a fabulous new rug for our living room, I cannot wait to get it. With that said, my living room is getting a fresh new look.

- Ezra has been standing on his own, for a couple seconds at a time. This is a big deal.
-Ezra also moves his body to beats. I love this. Because I sure as heck don't dance around enough for him to even notice, which means he has a natural groove. He MUST get this from his father.

-I hate wearing socks but I hate when my feet are cold. My feet and toes are never happy.
I love wearing flats without anything on my feet and I love flipflops. I also love boots, but I never like regular shoes with any of my clothes, they just don't go. Call me crazy.
- I have so many great ideas of projects swirling around in my head. I am cursing the winter so I can be outside to get them done.
- I love my new phone. Did I mention that Marshall and I got new phones? Well. I love mine and I feel so connected.
-I HATE driving in the city. HATE IT! and I have to pick Marshall up from work today. ughh.

Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! This weather has been so beautiful!

We have Operation Clean House this weekend, which means-- we'll be scrubbing tubs and baseboards. FUN!