Friday, November 18, 2011

:Fun Facts Friday:

Ezra and I have been stranded in our home this past week. We have had a handyman here all week working in our attic and 'someone' needs to be home.... I am over it. I want to get OUT! But thank heavens for this weekend (Which is going to rock my world so bad.)I am so excited to hang out with our friends!

Here are a couple fun facts.

- Marshall and I work as a team BEST while cleaning together.- Last night he tackled the dishes, while I scrubbed the tub. That's Love.

-I love to set people up. ;)

-If I notice anyone around me drinking,holding,buying a can of pop/soda, I want it for myself- there is something about the sound of a can of pop being opened that makes me thirsty!

-My hair is perfectly long enough for a ballerina bun.#took long enough

-I am going to sell my "A" bookcase and replace it with something that won't come crashing down, killing my first born child. Let me know if you would be interested.

-I only paint 8 of my toenails... not because I only 4 toes on each foot, but because my pinky toe nails are too small to paint!

-As much as I want to support my Husband in his upcoming coaching (swim) season. I DREAD it. I do. I DREAD IT!

-I added a couple new photos to our photo wall this week- when our family grows, so does the photo collection.

-I need my hair done and it is so tempting to color and cut it myself.

Tonight I am going out to dinner and a late viewing of Breaking Dawn pt.1 with a bunch of girls and I am so excited!
Tomorrow evening, Marshall and I have a group date to the Temple and dinner afterwards.

It will be a fabulous weekend!