Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun Facts

There have been many moments where I have asked myself if I am doing enough, in regards to Ezra. Am I playing with him enough? Talking to him enough?Hugging him enough?Kissing him enough? Teaching him enough? Feeding him enough? Dressing him warm enough? Cleaning him enough?
 I have a running list of things that swirls through my mind daily and there are the moments where I am snuggling him on our napping chaise, counting his fingers and toes and brushing his eye lashes with the tip of my fingers when I remind myself that Heavenly Father blessed me with this child and knew that having me as him mommy, and Marshall as his father was just 'enough' for him.

This week as planned, was relaxing- consistent and un-eventful. Meaning-- Ezra stayed on a fairly consistent schedule most of the week, I had hair appointments, tried to keep my house clean from last weekends "operation clean house", and continued strong with transitioning Ezra from bottle to sippy (with Whole milk) He is doing awesome! There was only one day where he wasn't thrilled about it.

Here are a couple Fun Facts!

- My Parents are Veterans! Happy Veterans Day Mom and Dad! They met/ fraternized while serving. My mother was an officer and my father was a guard. He had to salute her. I love that.

- My rug is here! It is laid out proud in our living room and I love it so much I hate to walk on it! Now I need to find drapes!

-Ezra has an ear infection in his left ear, we had no idea! Went in for his yearly exam and our pediatrician gasped and let us know. He is such a happy and content kid, he never let us know! He is on amoxocillan.

- Marshall is going to attempt to make the Thanksgiving turkey this year. I am scared for him, but will try to help him every step of the way. (Thanksgiving is at our house this year, and has been the last couple years.)

-I can listen to the same single song on repeat for hours.

-I (guess) I am notorious for tangling every chord to anything that requires one (IE; blow dryer,vacuum,curling iron...)

-I (also) am known for ripping open boxes of cereal,granola bars, packages of cheese....etc. (like I am a little kid.. so I hear.)

- I absolutely love my wedding ring. I think it is the prettiest of all the rings.

- I am getting really excited for Christmas, but not for this year, NEXT year! I cannot wait until Ezra can understand a little bit more and be excited along with us!

-Marshall and I are pretty sure we missed out on getting a snow blower, YET AGAIN.

Another weekend will come and go for us, I hope you have a weekend filled with fun things to do!