Tuesday, November 22, 2011

::My Belated Monday::

::My Monday was a good monday::
Ezra and I woke up early, we bugged dad and tried to keep him from going to work, as always.

But didn't succeed, Ezra didn't take his regular morning nap, not because he wasn't tired, because he was. I had him asleep and had my phone in my pj pocket, when just as I was laying him down- it rang. The bloody phone RANG! I dropped Ezra on his sheets and booked out of the room unsuccessfully.
 He was up for the rest of the morning.
I proceeded in our normal morning rituals, ya know- the bath, the milk, the love.

My good friend JoAnne picked Ezra and I up and we headed to Ikea, one of my most favorite places in the entire world. Really. it is.
AND! When we walked through those sliding glass doors there was a sign that read 'free breakfast on Monday mornings!'
It was like the angels could hear my stomach growling and shifted the world in my honor.
I am so spoiled.
And yes, that is a scoop of eggs on my plate, and yes, they taste better than the appear.
But I eat anything.

I picked up a couple random things and one not so random thing.I went for the most perfect piece to replace our could be murderer of a bookcase (sorry Katie, I know she is now yours, I hope she will like you more than she liked Ezra, she would shake around our parts.)

Ezra and I had a quick lunch. I knew I had to get him to take some sort of a real nap by the end of the day otherwise he would be the crankiest of one year olds for his babysitter that would be coming over later.

SO, we did what we always do. We hit the napping chaise.
And napped, oh boy did we nap.

4 oclock sang its song and Alison arrived ready to play with Ezra, He LOVED her!
He crawled right into her lap, showed her every toy he owned and talked to her in his little language. I heard her sweet little voice talking back. I think they understand eachother.

I had a client who I totally love, invited her into the rest of my home. Once this happens, the client/friend relationship changes. We become friends. And let me tell you, I love when people come into my home and I love that I can work from home. I love my client/friends.
It got late pretty quickly, I "ordered" marshall to run to Target and pick up a couple things, and by the time he got home it was almost too late for dinner, and when this happens, we get Mcdonalds. Don't judge. I LOVE McDs.
And, My wonderful,adorable,charming and helpful husband helped me put together my new love. My sideboard.

Really, isn't this the sweetest and most lovely sideboard your eyes have ever laid?
I love that it has a little key to lock our precious things into,and Ezra doesn't have a chance of breaking this down... although you can tell he is trying!
(I am considering painting this baby-- but I think I might love it just the way it is... we'll see)

Marshall and I crawled into bed around 11:30 and we were fast asleep. Fast.

My Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday are all just as busy as my Monday.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!