Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Monday

First things first. Daylight savings time does not apply to anyone with children.
Ezra was awake and talking about 5 am (6 am old time) I woke up, tended his needs, and put him back to sleep. I snuck back under the covers until he would wake again. I sunk my head in my pillow one more time and took advantage of a little extra sleep. But I dreamt something crazy. I was a killer and being chased, but I was throwing scissors and screwdrivers and had seriously amazing aim, I got the girl chasing me right in the gut.

When Ezra woke me up, I laid in bed and had to remind myself who I was... not a killer,a mother who loves her child and a woman who does not kill people with scissors or screwdrivers.

Ezra and I exchanged hugs,squeezes and kisses thanking each other for waking up. We had some breakfast and talked about what our day would be like. We played in the sun that peeked through our big front window and embraced the warmth that hit our still sleepy eyes.

We got ready for the day and straightened up our house, before friends came over for scripture study. I made some cookies, took out the trash, swept the floors, changed the towels, vacuumed and put Ezra down for a nap before the ladies showed up.

We had great discussion as usual-and I always walk away feeling uplifted. I feel it is so important to have this every week, mostly because Sundays I am busy trying to keep Ezra happy and quiet at church that I miss most talks and lessons.So I especially I need this.

The ladies left before lunch and Ezra and I took advantage of some time to run a couple quick errands, I needed some things for clients this week and had to return something to Target. We raced home for lunch and a hair appointment.

After the appointment, Ezra and I snuggled up on the chaise and took a Delicious nap. I had another appointment at 4:30. When I finished with her I attempted the laundry- the same load I have been working on since Saturday-- maybe even friday?-- Finally got it folded AND put away.

Marshall got home from work only to leave for a swimming parent meeting at the school, I threw together a simple spaghetti and he ate and ran. Poor Ezra only saw his daddy for 30 minutes today. I told Marshall that he is probably a figment in Ezra's little imagination. Ezra sat in front of the door waving buh bye for probably 5 minutes after Marshall left and it made me sad. But I am so grateful that Marshall works so hard that I am blessed to be at home. I try not to complain about him working long hours.

(Ezra loved the head band.)

Ezra was ready to go to sleep by 7, (8 his old time, as usual) I toyed with the idea of leaving him up for another hour to be on the new time, but he was too sleepy.

We will push our regular Family Home Evening to tomorrow when Marshall is home.

(In these photos above, Ezra figured out that he could press the button all by himself, But I noticed that his big belly was getting in the way- but then he noticed his big belly was in the way, I am so glad I caught it on camera. Priceless.)

I am sprawled out on the couch waiting for Marshall to get home and tell me all about his meeting and consider folding the rest of the laundry-- egh.. it can wait, can't it?

Happy Monday.