Monday, November 14, 2011

:My Monday:

Dearest Reader. Can I take a moment and thank you dearly for reading my nonsensical posts, my random mumbo jumbo, my ramblings and my boring posting routine on Monday and Fridays and maybe some days in between. I want you to know that I appreciate that maybe my life can be some kind of entertainment to you, I enjoy that because of these posts people immediately feel comfortable with me and around me. That in itself makes my life so much more interesting.Thank you my dear reader, for reading.

 My Monday went a little like this-

Ezra woke up early, I'm talkin' 5:00am. (lil'stinker) So we were all awake early, after Marshall headed off to work and Ezra and I ate breakfast I put him down for a nap and snuck back into bed. Even after he woke up, I snuggled him and we napped for a little while longer (I needed the sleep...apparently.)
We woke up around 10 am and were both ready to take the day by the horns. (Isn't that the saying?)
We met up with one of my most favorite friends, Carol, at Punch Pizza in SLP. My most FAVORITE place for salad and the mimi pizza. LOVE!

We were able to run to Old Navy and pick up some new duds for the men in my life, whom I love to dress by the way.

After heading home, Ezra continued napping in his car seat while I tackled some of the neglected dishes in our sink, oh! what I would do for a dishwasher! hmph.. I also was able to marinate some peppers,onions and chicken for our kabobs for dinner.

After Ezra woke up, He had some milk, out of a big boy sippy. He is awesome. And I am the Queen of the Wean.

We ran to Target for a couple quick things and ended up walking out with more than we went for, isn't that what is supposed to happen when you go there?

We made it home right before Marsh and were able to get the kabobs in the oven and rice in the steamer.
They turned out fantastic. DELISH! We talked all things about our day, shared laughs about our great weekend and the upcoming plans for this crazy week.
I had a friend come by for a haircut, she looked so great- as always ;)

After she left, We had a short and sweet FHE on being thankful- 'tis the season.

This week is going to fly by, I can feel it! I have tons planned and so excited!

Hope you had a great start to your week, I know I did!