Monday, November 28, 2011

:My Monday:

I had not one.single.thing. to do today.
it was awesome.
it was so awesome.

Ezra and I woke up, had some breakfast played until he yawned and rubbed his eyes and then we crawled back into our beds and took our first nap of the day.
I was woken up by a call from my sister. I love my sister.
Ezra and got ready for the day. Which meant, putting on clean pajamas.

I loved today.
I saw from my big window a scary looking man walking through my neighbors yards and heading toward our house, I grabbed Ezra and we hid.
I never answer the door if I am not expecting someone. I found his flyer on my door later, he is a stump grinder. I bet he wants our dead tree.

After a messy lunch,we played on Ezra's new leather chair and we play dinos.
Ezra has perfected his "Rarrrr" and knows precisely when to do it.
We did laundry, LOTs of laundry.
He helped as usual.

I would hide the camera behind my back and whip it out and make a funny noise to catch his smile, he loved it and I loved the shots I got.
We laughed so hard our bellies hurt, least mine hurt.
 Maybe his cheeks hurt, because he has big firm cheeks.

His cheeks must have needed a break because he was exhausted.
Nap #2!
I was able to put him down and organize more of our laundry situation when he woke up only after 30 minutes, I know my boy and I know he needs more sleep then that, which means one thing.
Napping Chaise. me and him.
We snuggled on the chaise and with no other choice but to follow suit, I shut my eyes.
We napped for an hour and half and both woke up snugly and happy.

He followed me around from room to room as I put the freshly folded laundry away and prepared dinner. I made fried rice tonight, it was delicious and I devoured it.
Ezra watched me from his highchair as I gave him his dinner.

Today was Marshall's first day of the coaching season, he didn't get home until almost 7:30.
By this time, he's exhausted from his long day, and I am ready for a break.
Ezra was out of his mind happy to see his Daddy's face, and Marshall was happy to play with him before putting him down to bed.

This is a nice and quiet week at our house. I try to take advantage of weeks like this. I stock up on my hugs, kisses and snuggles.
I let my hair air dry and get tons of wear out of my sweats.
Living the dream, ya'll.

Hope you had a great Monday.