Thursday, December 1, 2011

:Fun Facts Friday:

I was lonely this week. This was a long week... and this is only the first week of the season (3 months)
 Marshall's been leaving earlier for work and getting home later. I have so much respect and admiration for hard working, single moms out there. I am (hardly hard working) but I am a busy mom of a 13 month old and I feel like all day I am "No Ezra, that is not for you.." "Not for Ezra..." "Ezra that will hurt you and make mommy very sad.." I am learning my patience, I am learning how much I lack and how much more I hope to gain.

Here are some fun facts:

-I love to put butter on my pop tarts. I also haven't had a pop tart in YEARS.
- Our Vacuum cleaners brush won't rotate, which means it sucks but doesn't brush- MEANING NO vacuum lines. I am dying.
-I don't know what to get anyone for Christmas this year!
-Ezra took 1 and 1/2 steps this week. I squealed in delight! I bet he'll be walking by Christmas.

-I love facial hair on my man.
-Have you ever not wanted to leave the house because of a zit? I totally didn't leave the house for 3 days-- not just because of a zit, but it sure was convenient that I had no where to go and no one to see.(btw, it was a monster menstrual zit)
-I did make a special late night run for those White fudge dipped oreos. They totally jip you on the package size. What a disappointment.(I hid these from myself so I wouldn't eat them all in one sitting)

-My drapes are up and look great! The rod that we put up had a defective center anchor so until we receive a new one in the mail we can't put up our other rod. (for white sheer curtains to lay behind)
-I know I said we'd be putting up our Christmas decorations last weekend. I guess I lied. We haven't had time and now we are wondering if it is even a good idea. We worry that Ezra will pull the tree down on himself.
-We have a fake tree. (Marshall's allergic to real trees. isn't that the saddest thing you ever heard?)
- This morning while I was carrying Ezra and walking up the stairs, I heard a crash and a shatter.... although after searching high and low.. every room, every wall... I cannot find a thing!! I know I heard something fall, but where! It is driving me nuts!

-I also pulled my wax pot out from under my cabinet and found the cord to my flat iron INSIDE the wax. (seriously messy)Needless to say, I need a new flat iron.
-Ezra's new favorite place- Tupperware cabinet.