Friday, December 9, 2011

::Fun Facts Friday::

Even though it is Friday, I feel like this week just will not end! I am booked with appointments today and tomorrow. Thank heavens for Sunday,a  day of rest. I will need it!

Here are some fun facts-- maybe you didn't know:

-As I was collecting the trash in the salon, I reached into the bag to push it down and my finger hit a razor blade straight on, resulting in a bloody mess. No stitches were needed, but the razor sliced through the top of my finger and down the center of the nail. I was queasy for the rest of the day.

-My dearest friend JoAnne came over that evening and helped me with Ezra, she helped feed and bathe him. She is seriously the greatest friend.

-I LOVE the chocolaty sugar chunks at the bottom of my cocoa mug. Aren't they wonderful?

-I have no Christmas spirit this year, I am barely excited. Isn't that terrible?

-We (I) am looking for a safe,reliable, and cheap vehicle for Ezra and I.

- I finally had my hair done yesterday, and it needed it so badly. It looks great!

-People always have this idea of me which is nothing like how I really am once they get to know me. At least that is what I hear on a regular basis. It makes me wonder what they were expecting?
-Ezra has had a small case of the diaper rash this week, nothing terrible but he sure has let us know.

-Ezra LOVES music, all music and he dances a ton. I mean, he gets on one knee and shakes his arms around and his little bottom. He's so awesome.

- I am making a list of things to save money for for 2012. Nothing Frivolous-(at least not in my opinion) These are perfectly reasonable things that just happen to be expensive)

-I have found myself pondering more than once this week about how incredibly blessed I am, I have also thought that I have been given so many rich blessings and have everything I could ever need. I am so grateful for that. (Thanks to man upstairs of course)

-Marshall loves my stylish opinion when it comes to picking out clothes for work, but for some reason on 'casual Fridays' he decides to get all stubborn and wear certain pieces that I just don't think go together. I say "whatever"and then he comes back at me with, "Just admit that it doesn't look that bad"- I never back down. It kills him. And I know my man, he will think about it all day and wonder if it looks ok.

This was the end of week 2 of long days without Marshall, I think I have found ways to keep busy until he gets home. Thank goodness.

See you Monday!