Friday, December 16, 2011

:Fun Facts Friday:

Happy Friday Everyone! I love Fridays. 20% off Vip at the thrift store and a guaranteed date night with my man/men. Tonight is Marshall's work holiday party. Ezra and I are so excited to see where Marshall uses his super smart brain all day. And Marshall is excited to introduce Ezra to some people in the office. Last year when we went, Ezra was just teeny tiny. (barely 2 months old then)

Anyways, Here are some fun facts!

- I made it to play group this morning, I never go- Not because I don't want to go, but usually Ezra is napping, I have a client or simply because we can't get out of the house. It was almost inspired to stop by this morning, Ezra was having a crummy morning and on the way to the thrift store- just passing the church I felt like I should stop for Ezra, he needed some cheer. I am so happy I did. It is so sweet to see how excited children get by such simple things.

- Ezra walked from the chair to the center of our living room for Marshall the other night,I missed it- but I am so happy Marshall got to see Ezra do that.

-My sister came over last night, I am so glad she did, Marshall had a swim meet and didn't get home until 9- she helped me with Ezra and He adores her. I love my sister.

-Marshall's lil bro' Mike is staying at our place next week while he is in town. I am so excited! Uncle MIKE! Ezra will LOVE spending time with his Uncle Mike, last time they hung out, I am pretty sure Ezra pulled all of Mike's leg hair out. I think Ezra has moved past that stage now.

-Ezra has been taking two naps in the morning and one in the afternoon this week. Someone is GROWING!

-Had a lunch date with Jana and Katie this week, and when I say lunch date, I mean from noon-7pm. I never want these girls to leave! It is so fun to have them over all day!

-I had my annual gyno exam this week. word to the wise. Never eat chili the night before an exam. AND. why do I worry more about what my toes and feet look like more than.. you know?

-Marshall attacked me in his sleep last night. I mean, really. He would lift his arm up and make a claw with his hand and use it to pounce me.. I was on guard all night long. He says he doesn't remember me grabbing his arm in the night. but I distinctly remember saying out loud... "what the !"

-I give Ezra a haircut in the tub. I hand him a toy and let the water run while I trim him up. I cut him too short and I swear he knows it. I think he hates his new look. I think he looks like his daddy now, without the beard of course.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am sure our will fly by as usual!