Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun Facts Friday::

Yo! Happy New Years! I am excited to celebrate a new year. I am so excited for another new beginning and chapter in our family's life.

Here are a couple Fun Facts!

-My smart and handsome husband passed his PE Exam! YAHOOO!! All of that dreadful studying paid off! He is now a professional Engineer and he has the business cards to prove it.
-Talking about poop never bothers me, in fact. I love it.
-I made fried rice with the leftover Ham from Christmas.
-I am waiting not so patiently for my camera to arrive today!
-I have been SO busy with Hair appointments. It is great but overwhelming.
-I ran on the treadmill this week, felt great and cannot wait to do it again!
-We use hair binders to keep our cabinets closed, Ezra knows how to open every single one, and even the drawers.
-Ezra walks the best when Marshall is home.
-Ezra is also in the copycat stage right now, it is so funny to hear him force a sneeze or a cough.

I hope you have a fantastic New Years!
I cannot wait for it!