Monday, December 5, 2011

My Monday::

Monday. Oh Monday. Everyone hates 'em, but I kinda like 'em.

Here is what our Monday was like.

We woke up and started our day immediately. I had a client at 8:30- which means we are fed and bathed and ready earlier than normal. After my client, we went to the beauty supply store with some friends who like to do a ot of their Christmas shopping there (great stocking stuffers!) I walked out with an abundance of hair product to use on my clients, some shampoo and conditioner for my "personal" inventory and a pretty,festive nail polish. I barely ever buy nail polish.

We came home and had some lunch, Ezra's new thing is destroying whatever food I give him, crumbling it and squeezing it and then rubbing it in his hair. I HATE cleaning him up, this is usually Marshall's job. I had to change his outfit and the changing pad cover because he was such a mess.

I vacuumed. We got a new vacuum this weekend! Marshall admitted to it "falling down the stairs" while he used it last. I knew I didn't break it! The new one works WONDERS! These vacuum lines make me smile.

I sat and contemplated whether or not I should run to the bank to make a deposit... It is so hard to go anywhere with a one year old. It's not even necessarily him, it is
e buckling him in and pulling him out and putting him in, AGAIN. It gets old. It gets old real fast.
I decided to wait. I can go when Marshall gets home later.

Instead, Ezra and I played.  And then we napped. We napped so good.

We woke up and rolled around on the floor. I tied up my hair and poured him some milk and we goofed around.

Marshall got home and I quickly made dinner before it got too late.
Basil noodles with mushrooms and a garlic herb sauce. YUM!

 After dinner we had a short and sweet FHE about showing gratitude, it is so nice to have these little reminders.

I hope you enjoyed the first day of your week. I have a very busy week ahead of me!