Monday, December 12, 2011

::My Monday::

We all wake up around the same time in these parts.
The boys eat their breakfast on the floor sometimes, too. And a lot of times, without even looking at one another.
I love Ezra's puffy morning eyes. After Marshall left for work we played and ate and played some more.
After putting him down for his morning nap and rushing to get ready before he woke up, I planned on running to the grocery store. We were all ready to go, boots on and everything when I realized the keys were missing. Marshall had taken them to work with him. No errand running today.We kicked off our boots and stayed in.
We looked out the window and crawled about on the floor...Just until a hair appointment at 11:00.

We enjoyed a broccoli and butter noodle lunch. Broccoli is Ezra's new favorite food. Who woulda thunk? He loves to suck the water out of the big florets.

We sat on the heat register for a good while and then snuggled on our chaise for an afternoon nap.
After we woke up, we hung out with some girls and did their hair! My friend Katie came by to drop off yummy cookies and hugs and kisses. Ezra loves her and all her curly hair.
Marshall came home and we ate chili and corn bread. It was Delicious and totally comfort food.
Ezra snuggled up with us on the couch after dinner while we read scriptures. (a new goal- read scriptures before we put Ezra down, 8pm)

 I love my days at home with Ezra, But by the end of the night I just had to lay down.

Here's to another great week! Cheers!