Monday, December 26, 2011

//My Monday

We all slept in. All of us, Marshall,Myself, Ezra and even Mike, Marshall's brother who stayed with us last night. It was absolutely divine.
Marshall made pancakes and bacon and I whipped up some scrambled eggs.
It was delicious, Marshall makes the most perfectly round pancakes. Mine are never as round. (Not sure why- but the pancakes I make are always doomed for disaster)

Ezra loves pancakes -- I think as much as he loves his uncle Mike, they played for a lot of the morning.
We watched out our big window at all the leaves and trash and other things being picked up by the large gusts of wind. I imagined that it must be freezing out because of the wind...
But I was dead wrong. I saw our recylcing bin and trashcan both get picked up and thrown across our driveway and quickly threw on Marshall's hat, a puffy coat and boots and ran outside. I knew immediately that I was over dressed. It was GORGEOUS out! Too nice for the day after Christmas.
After Ezra's nap and after Mike left for his long trip back to Utah, We had lunch. I was almost waiting for lunch to come around all day, just to eat our leftover potatoes and ham.
Ezra enjoys his lunch so much more when his daddy can dance and sing with every bite he takes.
I know I enjoy the show.

After lunch, Marshall ran (literally) to the auto shop to pick up our car from having an oil change.
Ezra and I got cozy on the chaise for our routine afternoon nap.
He was squirmy, but when he was out, he was OUT. Snoring, sweating and all.

Two hours later we woke up to an empty house, Marshall left for his swim practice and we had the house to ourselves. When the cats away, the mice will play!

And we played and played and played.....
Ezra is walking from here to there and everywhere.
He must have played with every toy he owns at all the same time, I swear.
After ripping out my crown braid and smearing my mascara- I was ready for Marshall to come home. I usually lose my mind around 6pm and I have an hour left by myself with Ezra.
I do what I always do- give him dinner.
Instantly happy.

Marshall made it home with stories to tell and we ate leftovers, again. and dabbled in leftover holiday treats.
We had a quick Family Home Evening on repentance and change and put Ezra down to bed.
Marshall says he passed out mid sentence (Ezra was in mid sentence blabbing away- he has had a lot to say these days)

Another busy Monday! The rest of our week starts tomorrow.

Here is a photo from exactly ONE year ago, where has the time gone?