Monday, December 19, 2011


What a day! I had such an amazing start to my day. Ezra slept in much later than usual. I laid in bed and checked my emails, which I love being able to do (from my phone) Pondered and prayed and even had a very special spiritual experience after barely rolling out of bed. After shooting out an email to a friend and getting Ezra out of bed, I fed Ezra quickly after receiving a text from JoAnne about picking us up for 50% off at the thrift store if you are a Vip, you know I am! I jumped in the shower and threw on some clothes- dumped Ezra in the tub and did the same.
I found a beautiful vintage skirt, a jcrew sweater and a safe lock box all for 9 bucks. I love it!
I roamed the store with an awesome vintage phone for bit, but didn't think it was really necessary. I am trying so hard to save my pennies... you know.. for all the things on my list...

After our thrifty shopping spree, Ezra went down for a nap. I packed up his highchair, a lunch, his diaper bag, a bag of cookie things, aprons and some toys. My sister, her boyfriend, my mom, Ezra and I were planning a cookie baking day! I made it there by noon- fed Ezra his lunch and ate guacamole and chips for lunch, along with an abundance of sugar cookies.
My sister and her boyfriend are adorable, they flirt all the time. It's almost sick.
We listened to Christmas tunes, smacked our lips and iced sugar cookies all afternoon long. Ezra loved the excitement so much he wouldn't take his afternoon nap.

I had had it with his anti-nap mood. It makes me so crabby when he refuses to nap. I packed him up and headed home and as soon as we hit the road he was snoring. He must have been exhausted because he continued to sleep for almost 45 minutes after we got home!

We had dinner together before Marshall got home,I was too hungry to wait and so was Ezra.

Marshall showers Ezra with hugs and kisses and tickles until we put Ezra down to bed. Ezra loves it, and Marshall misses him when he is at work all day. It is so sweet to watch them reunite every evening, it has become my most favorite part of the day.

I hope you were able to accomplish much on this warm December Monday!