Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Facts Friday- On the Fly Edition.

This is on the fly. I almost forgot it was Friday. oops.

Here are some fun facts.

-My little sister came over twice this week- Ezra is so in love with her. His lip quivers and body shakes when I take him from her. I am so mean.
-I am such an amateur at my new camera. But I am bound and determine to get good shots.
-My next door neighbor had never had me do her hair until this week, she was nervous. I actually had to put my hand on her shoulder and explain to her that I knew what I was doing, and that I have a lot of experience. (She normally gets her hair done at Fantastic sams... ) Needless to say (I am bragging) She called me today with much enthusiasm telling me that never in her life has she received so many compliments. This made my day.
-My mom took my out to buy new bras. She insists that women need nice bras. I told her that I like my target bras and to instead buy me the urban decay 'naked' palette. She did. I am so happy she did.
-oh. I am still wearing my nursing bras.FOR SHAME! Believe me, I know. It's just so comfy.
-I am addicted to Words with Friends. If you ever want to play me, let me know.

- I added pages under my blog title...see? Now you can see my (amateur photos of my)Home!
-I had a good cry with my sister this week and it felt so good.
-I have successfully eaten a salad for lunch every day this week, saved $100, worked out or ran on the treadmill everyday-- I am doing pretty good! --Working on the scripture reading.
-Marshall's beard is so out of control right now. It's in the soft stage, --you know? Because it is too long. yikes.
-I buy all my designer denim off eBay for dirt cheap. I have no shame.

I am looking forward to seeing my husband tomorrow. I feel like we haven't seen him in a week. we miss him.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!