Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

Since the beginning of 2012 I haven't been able to keep my days straight. I thought today was Saturday.
I prepared my first appointment today for tomorrow's client. I just cannot get it together.

Here are a couple fun facts!

-Ezra has suddenly turned into a little boy right before my eyes. He is walking,running,dancing,laughing,smiling all like a real little boy. I am so proud.

-This week my dear friends, Jana and Katie came over for lunch. Ezra was able to play with Cullen a little more this month, than last. Cullen is getting bigger and stronger every time I see him. I cannot wait until the boys can play together.

-I hate all my clothes right now. I am sure I have made this a fun fact in the past. But I do. I hate all of them.
-I am tired all the time. After talking to a couple people, it has been decided that I lack Vitamin D and would probably benefit from taking a women's multi vitamin. So. I'm gonna do it.
-I was voted most musical and most unique by my high school peers my senior year. I have always thought I was peculiar, but I was surprised even then that others noticed.
-Vaseline is my eye makeup remover of choice. I have been using it since 8th grade.
-Ezra's naps were off all week. I am beginning to think he is transitioning into a one nap a day.. Oh please, oh please say it isn't so! I need my naps!
- Between this weekend and next weekend I have 4 lunch/dinner dates scheduled.
-I hear it is cold out there today. I am so happy that I don't have anywhere to go!

Have a fabulous weekend and stay warm!