Friday, January 27, 2012


I have a headache today. And I just want to crawl into my bed and sleep- but only after drinking a large mug of hot cocoa with a huge dollop of whipped cream on top. But I can't. Because I am a mom, and I have to watch my kid.

Here are a couple fun facts.

-I eat my ramen out of a measuring cup- and if you ask my sisters how they eat theirs, they will tell you the same way. It is just how we do it.

-My hair is lighter than it was last week.
-I love any top with a peter pan collar. I will purchase it on the spot if I find one.
-Ezra has been crabby round these parts. I am sensing molars are making an appearance, and as usual. I hate the teething stage, it is the pits.
-Ezra had some friends over this week, but he wasn't very nice to them- he tests his strength with them, he likes to push them down or take his toys back from them. He doesn't share well. How do you teach a 15 month how to share anyways?

-Marshall likes Airbone just as much as me these days! He used to swear that it wouldn't work for him, but of course his parents recommended it to him and now he is an airborne user!
-My dad used to hide cookies and treats in our ceiling growing up. It just made it that more appealing for us. I have a major sugar tooth. I blame it on him.
-I found a toy remote for Ezra and it is quite possibly one of the coolest things he's ever owned his life- or at least that is how it seems. He brings it along with him everywhere.

-I can't wait until we can start plans on our basement. It is killing me softly to wait until spring. (That's when Marshall says we can start plans)

We have no plans this weekend, and I am happy! I like to lay low sometimes, don't you?