Monday, January 9, 2012

My Monday:

Ezra and slept in, yet again! I have learned his cries. I have also learned which cry is a cry worth getting up for the day for. As his mother, I can always tell when he is standing and really using his lungs, as though he is like " mama! I am up come and get me!!" vs. his "umph..I'm not ready to wake up.....umph....." cry- which he normally does from 5:30- 7am and falls back asleep until almost 9am lately. I have been enjoying my mornings a lot more these days. I feel so much more rested, but then again his schedule is all over the place. I am beginning to think he is starting to adjust to being a one nap a day boy. I am not sure I am ready for that yet. When will I ever get a shower!

Anyways. Here is how are Monday went!

 I heard Ezra talking/crying in his crib around 8:40- knowing that he was being for real this time...I quietly crept up on him.

I teased him for a little bit. He hated it.

Gave him his milk.... He drank it.

He played with his shoe.

I was reminded of how much he hates this elephant. Marshall and I think the elephant comes to life at night. Whenever we pull its tail to make lullaby music, Ezra's little lip quivers and he wails to the high heavens. We hid the elephant today. I buried him deep beneath all the others.

Ezra played with his other toys all morning long.
 I caged him in the hallway so I could get a shower in.

I washed our bedding. and fought with Ezra to take his morning nap.

After Ezra woke up, I gave him a bath and brushed his teeth. He insists on doing it himself- but he just chews on the tiny bristles and drools all over the place. I had to play tug of war with that toothbrush to get it back.

 I made a honey Dijon dressing, the salad was good but the cucumbers were bad.They ruined my salad.

We had to get out of the house for a little while, Ezra just wouldn't take his afternoon nap today.We ran to the grocery store.Then we drove up to Chipotle to get some dinner. Ezra and I were happy with leftovers. nom.nom.
Marshall got home after 7.

Ezra was happy his pops was home and wanted to help Marshall eat his dinner.

While Marshall put Ezra down for bed, I snapped one last photo of the day.
Of myself. A hot mess after a wild day.
It really was a wild day and boy! it went quick!
I had such a fun day with Ezra.

Marshall came home stressed from work and coaching and I am happy that I had a good day so we weren't stressed and crabby from our days. Because that is just the worst.

I hope you have a great week. Ours is a busy one!