Monday, January 16, 2012

My Monday:

My Monday went like this.
I woke up early from another dream. You know the ones I have. The dreams that are so realistic I am in a funk for the rest of the day, the dreams that make me feel like I am in an emotional affair with an unrealistic person and I need to sit down and talk it out with real people to remind myself that I am crazy and what happens in my dreams aren't real life.
I laid on my back and looked at my ceiling for a good 30 minutes replaying the scenes from my dream and slowly reminding myself who I was.
I hopped in the shower and took my time getting ready. I knew Ezra was dreaming hard because he was asleep until 9am.
I put him in the tub as soon as he was up- he didn't like this at first, but after a couple splashes in the water, he forgot about it.
I needed to get to the beauty supply and pick up razor blades and I didn't have much time to do it.
I took up two spots in the lot like a jerk and got an evil eye from some lady. I didn't care.
I also bought every single box of razor blades in the store (for haircuts by the way)
 11 packages to be exact.
We raced home so I could get Ezra down for a nap before my first client, of course this didn't happen and Ezra hung out with me while I had a haircut.
I was luckily able to get him down for an hour nap before lunch and before his friends came to play with him. He was chased, hugged,kissed and played with for a good 2 hours while I was able to do a cut and color for a teen girl from church.
Afterwards, Ezra and I snuggled on our napping chaise like old times and took a sweet little nap.
By this point I figured I should clean up the house and get things together before our dinner guests arrived.
My very good old friend, Mike from grade school,middle school and high school came over with my friend Katie for dinner. I haven't seen him since we graduated, almost 7 years ago!
It was so great to see him and catch up, He is still as meaty as I always knew him to be.

Ezra has been super crabby these past few nights.
 We aren't exactly sure why, we think he could be getting his molars- or growing pains - or ...something.
Whatever it is, he just isn't as happy as he usually is. :(

I have another crazy week ahead!