Monday, January 23, 2012

My Monday::

I was awake shortly past 7. I laid in bed and caught up on my words with friends, checked the weather, my facebook, my email. I laid there until Ezra started to talk in his crib.
I love when he is awake. I love going into his room and seeing his big brown eyes through the spindles. I love pulling his squishy body out of the crib and our morning embrace. He wraps his chubby little arms around my neck and talks in my ear. He doesn't make any sense but I understand his language.
We ate a hearty breakfast, took showers and baths and I was able to get him down for a short little nap before my scripture group.
Last minute it was decided that I would host, but only 2 ladies came with their children. I was bummed! I had a whole pan of cupcakes to eat all by myself! ;)

Ezra loves when friends come over to play, he likes to show off all of his toys and things.
He followed Ellie all around, it was adorable.
She is just the sweetest.

After the dud scripture 'group' left, My friend and Stylist, CJ came over.
We did a trade! I did her hair and she did mine! I am so grateful for her! I needed it!

After Cj left, I was able to whip up some dinner for all of us before Marshall got home.
We greeted him at the door with maybe an obnoxious hello and kissed them both goodbye. I had a bowling date with my friend Sam(antha) I killed her. And her daughter. ;) My best game was a 112. I know that is not very good. But I can't even tell you the last time I bowled!
We played 2 games and drank almost an entire liter of root beer. I made it home before I peed my pants.
I also made it home just in time to snuggle with Marshall on the couch to catch up on our new favorite show, Once upon a time.

I am so sleepy and ready for another busy day tomorrow!

 I Hope you had a wonderful start to the week!