Monday, January 30, 2012

My Monday:

Ezra woke up happy. I could hear him talking about all the things in his room.  "Thadtd.."-- "Thadtd" I walked in and he was sitting in the corner of his crib with his chubby little hand pointing at all the things on his walls. He seemed so proud of his little world and all that surrounded him.
I was so happy he was happy this morning. My happy boy is back after a crabby week. ((I hope))
My goal today was to teach him a new word today.
I pointed,gestured and showed him almost everything we owned.
I repeated every word a million times.
I would say "Blue....Circle... Blue-Circle" See! And put it on my head.
And then he would say nothing at all-
But he did this.

He copied what I did and put the block on his head.

He was beyond pleased with himself.
He noticed that my block would stay put on my head and he tried SO hard to keep his from falling off.
He did so well, considering he is only 15 months old.

We played all morning.
Have I told you how much Ezra loves putting anything he can find down the laundry chute? Well, he does, We have found countless balls, toys, cars, dinos, fresh folded laundry, keys, bottles,cups, shoes.... You name it. Its in the basket.

And then I decided last minute that we would go to my friends to hang out (supposed to be a scripture study group-- but we never got around to it, too busy chatting!whoops)
I lost track of time playing with Ezra that I knew we would be late, but Ezra and we both got cleaned up and out the door and still made it. (late.)
He napped- while I socialized. (still in his car seat I might add.- feet hanging off and all. He kicks the backseat, it is definitely time to find him a big boy car seat.)
When Ezra was woke up he was able to have lunch with his friends Helen, and Simon. And when we made it back home I thought for sure he would be ready for another nap. But he fought it. Sweaty head and rosy cheeks kind of fight. I let him play around while I cleaned up the house.
There were toys everywhere. From all the playing earlier.
I vacuumed, dusted, did the dishes, shined the stainless steel and even tried to scrub the bathroom down before Ezra started to lose his mind. 
I tried rocking him down for a nap again- this time it worked, but his eyes popped open the instant I stood up.

Before Marshall got home-- the best part of my day happened.
I taught Ezra something NEW!
This boy can SIGN (You know--baby sign language) the sign for "MORE"
And he did it correctly! He would walk up to the banana on the counter and look at me , make the sign, and when I would give him more banana- (and squealing) I would clap.(I have been making this sign and saying "more" "more" for MONTHS! and FINALLY! Today he does it!)

 He eventually caught on to what it means! He even did it for Marshall when he got home!
It wasn't a new word-- really, BUT it WAS!
This was so exciting at our house, I think this will make communicating with him a lot easier. 

It was a really great start to the week!

Hope you had a great Monday!