Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday at Home.

I loved my day.
It was nothing really.
Just spent the day at home with my boys.
We took a family trip to the grocery store and when we got back I put together our chicken noodle soup in the crock pot and started the bread in the machine- nothing fancy, but perfect.

We played and we napped.

I was able to clean out our closet! It was so therapeutic.
I was pulling tops,skirts and dresses all out of my closet thinking about the young lady that wore this at one time. I am no longer that young lady. 
Marshall became nostalgic with certain pieces I was planning on giving away. And we rewound our memories back to the time we shared in certain clothes I wore.

Marshall and I both agreed that we hadn't seen Ezra so happy.
 He was singing and running around all day and we couldn't help but soak it all in.

Today is a day that I fell in love with my little family a million times over.
 And it was simply just because we were together.