Friday, February 10, 2012

::Fun Fact Friday::

Happy Friday, Ya'll!

Here are some fun facts!

-I ordered a padded insert from Etsy to hold my new camera and I love it. I can put it in any bag I want instead of committing to an overpriced camera bag. 
-I own almost the whole line of Maybelline's baby lips tinted chapstick. I am obsessed with them. I think the shades are beautiful!
-Ezra has thrown almost every book he owns down the chute this week- along with all sorts of other things.. come to think of it, we are missing a handful of his favorite toys.
-I am so happy to have patched things up with a good friend this week- So excited to see her this  coming week.
-Marshall invited me to a dance tonight. I don't want to go. But I am going. (church Valentines dance)
-Marshall doesn't like when I straighten my hair like a hippie. So, I straightened my hair like a hippie today-- I'm hoping maybe this will keep him from asking me to dance.

- I have never made a frozen pizza by myself until today. It was so exhilirating.
-I have been working out every day for the past week and I feel amazing! Not as tired and would you believe me if I told you that my clothes fit so much better just after a week?- cause they do.
-I have the worlds greatest friends and everyday I am so grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding my family and I.
-I used to prefer a beard on Marshall- until this year. For some reason it has been SO beardy. So he has been shaving it down all handsome- like.

Have a great weekend!!