Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Facts Friday- Plus some!

 This week was so busy for me. I had tons of hair appointments, tons of visits with friends, tons of spiritual guidance, tons of laughs and tons of tears.
I feel emotionally drained and I am ready for a new week.

Here are my random fun facts!

-I eat pizza with a fork.
-I order only thin mint cookies from the girl scouts.
-I am ready for baby #2
-I need my husband's support, love and prayers to get through my day.
-After trying to go pacifier free for 5 days straight and napping terribly, it is apparent that Ezra needs his pacifier to take a hearty nap. And you know what?! That is OK with me!
-I am in denial about Ezra's clothing size, I keep buying baby clothes for him thinking he is still so small, but this kid is BIG! (A lot more returns these days)
-Sweet, Little Ellie came over to play this week, we danced in the living room. Ezra loves her!

-Ezra has learned how to unzip his sweatshirts and pull his pants down.
-My friend Sam came over Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday this week. We have gotten extremely close and I just love having her around.
- I am bored of my face. Do you ever want a new face?
-Marshall and I have completely different love languages.
-Most people feel comfortable enough with me to tell me everything and anything. It makes me feel good knowing they can confide in me.
-I really need a vacation.
-I am so grateful for everything I have been given. I have been so blessed.

My friend Katie tagged me in her super fun random post and I just had to add this to my Friday post!

 1. What do you wish you knew one year ago?
*I wish I knew that I would still be driving Marshall's old car. I would have made saving money for a newer vehicle a little more seriously.
2. What are you looking forward to in the next three months?
*I am looking forward to starting our basement remodel and exploring the outdoors with Ezra.
3. Who did you last say, “I love you,” to?
4. What was the best book you read in 2011?
*The Help
5. What food won’t you eat?
6. What do you admire most about the opposite sex?
*I admire how men can live so simply.
7. Do you believe in God?
8. Beach vacation or mountain retreat?
*Either one! I just need a vacation!
9. Smart phone or regular phone?
*Smart phone- don't know what I would do without it.
10. Do you like tea, coffee or hot coco? Which one is your favorite?
*I do not  drink caffeine, so no tea or coffe for this mama. But I LOVE cocoa. Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate is my favorite!
11. If you could pick any neighborhood from a movie to live in which one would it be and why?
*I just want to live in Noah's house from the Notebook. I would love knowing that the home was rebuilt by someones bare hands out of pure love.That home is gorgeous! I would also love to have our own dock with a canoe tied to the side so we could paddle down stream for a romantic escape.