Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

I can't believe it is Friday. I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished this week. Besides, the usual clients, laundry and prepared meals, that is. It is as though I blinked and it was Friday!
Here are a couple fun facts.

-Ezra and I had a couple amazing breakfast dishes this week. We were spoiled.
-I would like to lose 6 pounds.
-I added a calorie counter on my phone and have started a really good routine. (Not eating anything past 7pm is the hardest!)
-Ezra had 3 shots this morning and took it like a champ! @ 15 months old, he is weighing in at 22 lbs. and is 30 inches tall!

-My sister took a couple photos of me in my new headband-- and apparently I never knew this is how I look when I am laughing. I feel like I should apologize to anyone who has had to look at this face while laughing hysterically- whoa. I am SORRY!
--Wipe that smile off your face. I KNOW you are laughing.

-It has been confirmed that Ezra IS cutting his top molars! He isn't just a crabby kid!
-I have been sleep training Ezra this week. I usually nap with him or rock him down for a nap and all this week I have been laying him in his crib and walking out. He has been taking to it pretty well. I make sure that he is totally tired before, so he only really cries for 5 minutes before conking out. His naps have been a little shorter though- But I am hoping he gets used to me putting him down and he can soothe himself to sleep.
-I am missing my sister Kyra and her family in the worst way. I wish we could go visit them, or that they would visit again.
-Marshall had to confess to me the other morning that he had used my toothbrush by accident.
-I love when people try on clothes and do a fashion show- this happened a lot this week.
- I also love having a buddy to wax my 'stache with! Comparing hairs on the strip is too much fun.
-I felt strongly this morning that we needed to move. It was simply because I canNOT stand anymore of this loud traffic. Our house vibrates and anything on our walls shake! I am over it.- And dudes with the obnoxious mufflers- I hate you so good.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned!
I am looking forward to a girls night on Saturday!