Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

It is beautiful out today! The sun is shining and the clouds are high.high.high!
I am hoping Ezra and I can get out and enjoy the weather this afternoon. Just kidding. We attempted a walk, and my hands are still defrosting. The sun is a liar. a big,fat liar. It clearly said to us, "Come out! Come join me! I will keep it light and warm! I will kiss your cheeks and warm your hands." but the sun lied.

Here are some fun facts.

- I am a sucker for advertisements. I am such an easy sell, photos,videos,testimonials.. you name it.  I am usually sold.
-I have the cutest nieces in the world. They came over for haircuts today.

-I am having the hardest time shopping these days. I don't like anything! I feel like I am no longer able to shop in the juniors, and too young to shop in the women's department. Am I in serious denial or something?  Don't answer that. I did find a top that I loved so much, I ordered it in 3 different colors. Don't judge.
-I love my house to smell like vanilla cupcakes.
-Our Valentine's day was low key. I made a delicious salmon dinner and even lit a few candles.
-I love to save my money, but my husband will tell you that I love to spend it just as much.
-There are so many great shows on right now, I can't keep up with all of them!
-I am not very political, although I wish I was so I could talk about it.
-Ezra's favorite drawer is my recipe drawer, I toss printed out recipes into the bottom drawer next to the kitchen sink and Ezra loves to pull all the recipes out and onto the floor. Needless to say, I let him. It keeps him happy and it isn't dangerous.

-I have never called my husband a bad name. ever. (Because I love him.)
-I work with the young women at my church. Ages 12-18, but mostly the 14-16 year olds.
-I love when people ask questions about my religion. Please email me and ask me anything you want!
-Red lips are my favorite, and red orange lips are also my new favorite.