Monday, February 6, 2012

:My Monday:

My Monday went a little like this.
I woke up to Marshall walking around getting ready for work(as usual) I rolled over and tried hard to focus my eyes to the blurred blue numbers on our digital clock. I knew in only a few short moments that Marshall would be kneeling over me kissing my face and asking if I was ready for morning prayers. This happens every day.
I nod my head eyes with my eyes still closed and cross my arms.
It isn't until after our "Amens" and I hear him lock the door and drive away that I finally roll out of bed.
My new routine is to run instead of checking my emails, face book or words with friends.
So that I did. I ran. I ran until I sensed that Ezra would start to wake up. (And of course, I was too tired to continue) I shifted over some laundry and made my way back upstairs. I still had not heard any talking coming from Ezra's room and knew I had some time until then to continue my work out. I take advantage of quiet so I can concentrate and count my reps. It is so nice to not be distracted.

I heard Ezra whimper and I couldn't wait to see him.  The minute I walked in I could tell he was happy to see me. I love those red cheeks and puffy eyes in the morning.  When I reached in to pull him out I noticed that he was a little wet- another one of "those" nights. He had a little too much milk before bed last night. Our bads. All his clothes were in the wash, which meant it would be a nake-y kind of morning. His Favorite!

I loved watching him examine his arms and legs. I loved watching him trace his dimply hand down to his belly button and give it a poke. It isn't often that we leave him undressed. I feel bad if he seems cold.

 We had no where to go today and I think he knew.
He was perfectly happy and such a good boy.
My sleep training last week was a complete success. I think I rock at being a mom sometimes. He can now fall asleep on his own and that is such a great accomplishment in our house. I am so proud. Although- I am totally missing snuggling him to sleep, but make up for it when he wakes up.

 I had two haircuts today and in between them Ezra and I hit the trails.
 I bundled him up and we went on a walk. Our first one of the year. I couldn't contain myself, I felt like I was busting out of the house. It felt so good. The air was so crisp and the sun felt as though it was thawing my icy home body. It felt so good.

As I sit back and try to remember today- I keep thinking to myself, "Today just happened."-it was one of those days. There aren't a lot of my days, that "just happen"- they are usually planned to a T and calculated around nap and meal schedules. I enjoyed the happenings of today. It was super chill.

I made spinach an feta stuffed chicken for dinner and ate with Ezra before Marshall got home. I do this now so I am not eating so late, remember?
When Marshall got home he quickly ate so he could roll around on the floor with Ezra. I love watching Marshall admire his son. He is the proudest father I know.
Marshall gave a quick Family Home Evening lesson on how we can show love to one another. It was perfect for Valentines day right around the corner and Ezra even contributed, whether he was aware of it or not.
Marshall told me while holding Ezra in the rocking chair, just how much he loves snuggling Ezra. I thought this was sweet. I am not the only one. He spends long nights in the rocking chair with Ezra, and I sometimes think it because Marshall fell asleep, but I am beginning to think it is because he doesn't want to put Ezra down.

I am happy that Marshall agreed to being in charge of washing the dishes tonight- I am sick of washing the dishes all the time. (I would do anything for a dishwasher)

Without my naps on the chaise these days, I am ready for bed a lot earlier.

I am so happy today just :happened:
Especially because the rest of my week is crazy. I am having anxiety just thinking about it.