Monday, February 13, 2012

:My Monday

Let's be honest. Your Monday was a lot more exciting than mine.
I was busy with hair appointments and trying to keep Ezra as happy as I could.
His sleep training that worked perfectly last week, was completely a mess today.
Looks like I will be training him again this week.
Poor guy cried in his crib for far too long.

We went out to dinner at a little chinese joint.

Marshall came home a little earlier than expected and Ezra was so excited to see him.
Ezra stuck his little arms straight out in
front of him and ran up to both us and wrapped his little arms around our necks. We kept giggling and saying "OOOhhh! How sweet!" he then started hugging the corners and the walls.
It was adorable.

My Monday started off as lame as the rest, but ended up being pretty great!

Do you have plans for Valentines Day?