Monday, February 27, 2012

My Monday::

I was overly diligent in my photo taking today and still, at 9:45 tonight, I forgot it was Monday!
Today was such a random day. I can already tell what kind of week this will be like.

I woke up before Ezra and got ready for the day, I had an 8 am haircut to start off my day.
Ezra yells, "Mom, Mam, Mahhhhhh" from his crib. It is adorable and so weird to hear him calling for me, his mom.
We snuggled until my client showed up and Ezra sat smiley the entire time. I am so glad he sat so well.
We continued our regular morning routine, breakfast,bath time and play time before his morning nap.

I put him down for his morning nap around 10 am and did another haircut for a friend. She told me stories of Taiwan (where she is from) and her friend almost having a baby in the car. I love hearing birth stories. Ezra was still asleep when I finished her and I was almost already for my nap! I grabbed a blanket and got cozy on the couch when I could hear whimpering coming from Ezra's room.
We snuggled some more and played until lunch time.

Sam and her sweet and playful little girl, came by to have lunch with us and to play with Ezra before putting him down for his afternoon nap. I love when he gets completely worn out from all the action.
Ezra took his naps like a pro today, I am so proud. He woke up happy and refreshed.

I had to nuke our leftovers for dinner and Marshall had called on his way home to request EXTRA food, because he was a lot more hungry today than usual. (The pb and honey just didn't cut it ;)

I whipped up some potatoes (Ezra's new favorite food- Just like his mama) AND stuffing and we sat down for a quick dinner before my 8pm Haircuts came!  (Such a long day!)

When I left the salon and walked through my house. It was quiet, Marshall had put Ezra down to sleep and he was in the office getting all things ready the State Swimming competition this Friday and Saturday. I looked around our small kitchen and living room and everywhere my eyes looked there was something there. I am talking toys....scattered. everywhere. recipes... from the recipes drawers..Ezra's clothes (that he has taken off)...a box from the mail today that Ezra loved playing with, pillows from every couch or chair- pulled onto the floor, blankets tossed about... and cups, bowls, and pots lined my counters... and I am leaving it... I am too tired to care.

And actually. I hope it snows tomorrow. I hope it snows GOOD! I want to stay in my comfy clothes all day tomorrow. I wanted to slip around in my socks with my hair in a messy bun and fold my laundry, wash my sheets, snuggle with Ezra and organize his toy bins. I just want to chill out for the day.
Here is to Tuesday! And the rest of the week!