Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Facts Friday:

There haven't been many days where I can get much done around my house, but because we were practically snowed in (kinda) I took advantage of it. I was able to go through our dresser and get rid of clothing that I haven't even thought about. I was able to clean out all the drawers and refold everything (Did you know I did this right after Marshall and I got married, he thought it was crazy). Now we can shut our dresser drawers without a struggle. It feels amazing to have done that. I was also able to sweep out all the rooms and get all the dust bunnies out from hiding. eww. I vacuumed maybe everyday this week. You know me, LOVE to vacuum. I was also so lucky to be able to snuggle with Ezra and teach him how to give (GOOD) kisses. Now, he is a kissing machine. the minute he hears any smacking, he comes right up to you with his lips-a-ready.
Marshall has the state swim meet tonight, so date night in will be just Ezra and I. But I am beyond excited to have my husband BACK! I cannot wait to have him home for early dinners and on the weekends. I know Ezra is excited for this as well.

Here are a couple fun facts that I didn't already share today...

-Ezra would not let me take my bra off of him in picture, he actually tried to hide behind the couch with it on. It was too funny. (PS. I was folding laundry- I did NOT remove my bra for this photo.)
-I had a dream that I had cut off all my hair and it looked TERRIBLE. This made me second guess getting a new look.
-I wore sweat pants maybe everyday this week. (I put jeans on when I left the house.)
-I never know what to make for dinner, I decided that I am going to write down dinners that I make and refer back to it for help preparing a weekly menu.
- I have used Arbonnes FC5 skincare all week and my skin is singing! I am hooked on this stuff!
-I moved my bedroom furniture around Ezra's room around. I love rearranging furniture, this you must already know.
-I don't eat spicy foods.
- Marshall was awarded COACH OF THE YEAR(in his section)?! I am so proud of him. All his hard work had paid off and was noticed!
-Ezra has taken phenomenal naps this week. IE; 2 1/2 hour morning nap and 1 -1 1/2 hour afternoon nap. No wonder I was able to get so much done this week!
-Marshall is going to start training for a triathlon starting next week. I told him I would train with him. He keeps asking me if I am ready. I am not.
- While swiffering the hardwood floors in the bedroom I got a sliver in my heel, and it went deep. My mom and sister poked and prodded at it. I screamed and sweat as they worked on the darn thing. But they got it! I thought it was going to be big and fat, but it was just a tiny little sucker. It felt so good to get it out! (sorry if this grossed you out.- My family LOVES to get stuff out like this. we are weirdos.)