Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Happy Friday!
I am happy the week is wrapping up and excited to spend some time with my boys.

Let's get to the Fun Facts!

-I hate touching butts in bed. You know? When I am laying on my side facing one way, and Marshall is on his side facing the other way--- eeeeeehhhh-- gives me the shivers. I just hate it.

-It takes me over an hour to write a blog post.

-My hair blog gets WAY more hits than this blog and I am TERRIBLE at updating it.

-I wish I had a longer neck.

-Adult women who wear their hair in pigtails (without a hat) make me feel uncomfortable.

-All week I have been ways to un-clutter my life. My home is slowly getting more organized.

-Ezra is officially in a car seat that fits him. I actually loved him in an infant car seat, I didn't mind lugging him around it in. (Don't judge me)

-I have anxiety sometimes.

-I am a homebody. I always have been, but having a child really keeps me at home. And I love it.

-We have a giant toaster oven that sits on our counter, we can actually fit an entire pizza in this baby, and (in my uncluttering-ness, I am looking to replace it with a regular ole' toaster) All we make in the toaster oven is toast anyways.

-When I watch singing competition shows IE; The Voice, I always- always- try to OUT sing the contestant from my couch. Am I the only one who does this??

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner, oh! we love having friends over for dinner. We have church meetings all weekend- and my father-in-laws birthday!
Hope you have a great weekend, Enjoy this beautiful weather!