Friday, March 30, 2012

::Fun Facts Friday::

Hello! It was just another busy week at the Abrahamson house, I wish I could tell you we that was saw and did the most amazing things this week, but we didn't. hmphh... But here are some things you may not know...

-Ezra knows how to fold his arms and bow his head for prayers.
-He knows the 'itsy bitsy spider'
-Ezra is very jealous when I hold a baby.
-Marshall turns 32 next week and still like he is 25. What a stud!
-I colored my own hair this morning, I have been so busy with doing everyone else's hair that I haven't had time to get mine done! Hope it looks ok!
-My friend, Sam, is going to let me do her makeup, hair and take a family photo of her and her girls.  I am dying inside. She is going to look like a total bombshell when I am done with her! EeeeeeE!!
-I haven't had any sugar for over a week. Marshall says that he thinks that I am proving to be a strong woman.
-The doctor doesn't really know what is wrong with my chest, I had xrays done and the technician made me cry...(maybe I will tell you another time)
-It is General Conference weekend, which means that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from all around the world have the opportunity to listen to the words of our Prophet and his beloved apostles. We like to stream it online and stay at home and watch it online. I love technology.

I hope you have an amazing weekend. I miss the sun, don't you?