Monday, March 5, 2012

My Monday

Talk about a busy day.

Marshall took the bus today, Oh! We LOVE to watch him from out the window. There is nothing quite like watching Ezra watch his daddy on the other side of the glass. His dimples rested deep within his smile and this warmed my heart <3

Ezra and I raced around getting ready, taking turns in the tub and eating breakfast.I threw a blazer on today, and even curled my hair. I was feeling pretty good about myself.
 I visited some friends with my good friend, Sam and her little girl. Ezra was dog tired by the time we got back, he slept for 2 whole hours!

We had a delicious lunch. Leftovers from the night before are always the best lunches.I replied to a couple cyber consults while I ate and fed Ezra. After lunch, I did a haircut for a friend- she looked beautiful and Ezra went down for yet, another nap. I was able to do some laundry, clean the kitchen floor, vacuum and talk to Katie on the phone. (urghh. still need to scrub the bathroom)

When Ezra woke up we played and played knowing that Marshall would be home at a 'normal' time! We played until we heard the bus making its way up our street and then we rushed to the window to greet him.

We had a simple but delicious dinner and Marshall and Ezra spent the rest of the evening together. I had to go to a meeting.

When I got home, I found Marshall on the couch with a bag of chips watching a random show on hulu. (classic man move?) We chatted quickly about our day and giggled while we brushed our teeth.

Tonight, my quality time with him is spent writing this post under the covers next to him.

Another busy week ahead for us! Have a great week!