Monday, March 12, 2012

My Monday::

My Monday started off early. I am talking 7 am (the new time) which felt like the 6 am old time. Which felt terrible. My blow drier even blew up in my hand today, there was a little flame and everything. I knew this would make for an interesting day.
 I had an 8 o'clock hair appointment scheduled.
I kind of liked being up and ready for the day- I guess that was kind of nice.
I was able to get through almost the entire appointment before Ezra woke up, I was able to give him breakfast while her color processed and he sat and played with his shapes while I blew her out. (Blow dried and styled her-I forget some people don't understand 'stylist slang') She went a mocha brown to a sun kissed blonde. I had some serious hair envy. I wish I had photos.

Afterwards, Ezra got a bath and we played for a while before his morning nap. I almost couldn't believe he needed to go down again. With the time change and the rainy day, it was hard to get it together. I was exhausted from waking up early, so when Ezra went down- so did I.
We snoozed until almost 1, can you believe that? Talk about lazy bums.
We had lunch, he had a turkey sandwich and I had an albacore tuna sandwich and we both had a cheese stick. My friend Sam dropped of a cheese cake! So nice of her!
I had another appointment at 2 and knew this would be tricky since Ezra wouldn't need to go down for another nap until about 3. He hung out with us, and I was able to put him down while she processed. He woke up after she had left. It was perfect timing.
Once Ezra was up, we snuggled and played. I tried to finish the laundry (that I started on Saturday night.) Ezra just kept unfolding everything. ugh.. so then I moved on to dinner. I Pulled Ezra's light saber from hiding and that kept him bust for all of 2 minutes.
I was still able to make a delicious herb crusted chicken and red potatoes.
Marshall said it was delicious and even said he wanted me to make this for his birthday. So nice to hear when making a new dish.(super easy too!)
After dinner, Marshall and Ezra played with Legos. Ezra wants to destroy any structure you build with the legos, and Marshall being the structural engineer that he is built an (almost) indestructible tower. This was frustrating for Ezra. It was funny to watch it try to break it apart.
I finished the laundry while they played. Thank goodness.
While Marshall put Ezra to bed, I ran on the treadmill. While I ran I remembered being a freshman in high school on the track team and running my first race. I am still embarrassed at what a disaster that was. (I started the 800 running TOO fast. I was in the lead for the first 2 laps, and then by the last lap I was straggling farrrrrr behind- I almost wanted to quit.-  I had no idea how to pace myself, but I learned how to after that!)

Now, Marshall is running on treadmill and I told him to run as fast as he could so we could snuggle on the couch and catch up on 'Once upon a time'

We have an incredibly busy week ahead of us- Sam and her girls for dinner tomorrow, Swimming Banquet, Niece's baptism and visiting our friends new house an hour or so away!

Hope you started your week off right!