Monday, March 19, 2012

My Monday:

I woke up this morning without any blankets on me. I was sprawled out in the center of our queen bed with both of my pant legs hiked up. I must have been pretty hot in the night. Now that it has been unseasonably warm, I have found myself the same. I love a fan to blow directly on me while I sleep, but the fan we have is all sorts of dangerous and has started to hum loudly. Marshall ended up turning it off in the night.

I could hear Ezra yelling "MA. MAMA. MAAAAA.." and I rolled out of bed so excited to see him.
He was happy to see me too. I played with him through the spindles before reaching in to grab him and pull him out. He seems heavier and longer today. And he smelt like a little boy. All earthy and stuff.

I had an appointment scheduled at 10:30- We were able to have some breakfast, play in the sunny living room take shower/baths and dress Ezra in a full on Hawaiian outfit, courtesy of my proudly hawaiian mother.(He looks like a little tourist, and this is the lightest outfit Ezra fits into at the moment, I need to go shopping for him. (again)Ezra went down for his morning nap flawlessly. I did my appointment, folded and put away some laundry and replied to a couple cyber consults and emails...
Ezra woke up a little before noon and I opened the back door and faced his high chair toward the outside. Ezra was oohing and ahhing at all the noises and activity heard beyond our screen door. The garbage truck's brakes were loud and squeaky and for some reason this scared Ezra terribly. He was shaking and crying and clung to me like a chimp. I felt bad for him, but I love it when he holds me tight. I take full advantage of it.

After lunch we played with playdoh- this was his first time, and of course he put it in his mouth. I allowed him to try it, knowing he would gag it up, and he did just that. After that, he only pretended to eat it. I also turned on Sesame Street, this was also the first time seeing this, (I have a real live toddler now, It is only customary to expose him to things like this, right?) He was in a sesame trance. He loved it! He was dancing along, yelling and pointing at the screen. I loved watching him enjoy himself!

When he started to get fussy I put him down for his afternoon nap, it was around 1:45 at this point and he went right down. I crawled up on the chaise and napped as well. But I woke up before he did. He didn't wake up until almost 4:30! He must have really needed it! When he woke up, he danced around the back door singing and dancing- just waiting to get out there. Finally we went out. I get nervous because our deck's railing are needing a little/lot of tlc. (summer project)

I spray painted some book ends, too.

When Marshall got home we had a quick dinner and went back outside to explore! Ezra is definitely a nature boy.

We came back inside after it started to get a little dark and had a nice family home evening out of our new "Behold, your little ones" manual. Ezra loved our singing.(we are cheesy parents)
And I sang to him a little more and read him a couple stories before putting him down. I could hear the thunder outside the windows and hoped Ezra wouldn't be too scared to fall asleep.

Marshall had to visit a couple families tonight - and I was able to relax and write my post.

I have a very scheduled week-- what about you?