Monday, March 26, 2012

::My Monday

Today went like this.
I woke up to Marshall trying to get Ezra to say good morning.
I rolled out of bed just in time to say goodbye to Marshall before he caught the bus.
I sat on the floor with Ezra and played with him before we had breakfast.
After a while, I made an egg sandwich and sat him down for some fruit and rice cereal and one of his favorite breakfast bars. I played sesame street for him while he ate.
After breakfast, we danced around for a bit and played some more. 
I gave Ezra a bath and haircut in the tub. He looked so handsome when I was finished with him!
I read to him a couple stories and laid him down for his afternoon nap.

While he sang himself to sleep, I responded to some long awaited emails, showered, made a grocery list and prepared lunch for when Ezra would wake up.
Once he was up we had some lunch, and we waited for our friend Sam and her daughter to come over so they could come to Target with us.

We threw on our shoes and coats and went to Target. I picked up everything on out list, and even a cute pair of jeans for Marshall. (gotta love Target)

I put all of our groceries in their place, and hung out with Sam. I played a trick on her and made her cry. She claims they were tears of joy. They really were. It was a really funny joke.

After they left, I put Ezra down for his afternoon nap.
I love when he naps, that means I can nap too.
I got comfy on the chaise and almost had to force my eyes shut. Today is day 5 of no sugar and I already feel like I have more energy. My body isn't crashing how it was just a week ago. I feel amazing.
Although, I did get some rest. I slept a little later than I wanted.
I woke up quick and threw my ingredients in the bread machine. Started some bread for dinner to go with our yummy soup.

After my appointments, Marshall got home!
He was eager to tell me all about his day and his upset tummy at work.
We had some dinner, Ezra practiced drinking out of a real cup- he was a mess.
Marshall and I decided it was a perfect night for a bubble bath.
It was. He was so happy to be in the tub.

Today was really just a regular ole' day.
I wish I took more photos, but I am finding that my hands are tied more often these days.
It is a lot easier to document with photos when Marshall is around.

Tomorrow, I have a doctors appointment for my chest pain, a couple hair appointments and then I am going to the Michael Jackson Cirque de soleil with a friend tomorrow night! I haven't gone out and done something like this for so long! I consider this a treat!

Have a great week!