Saturday, March 24, 2012

@ the Park::Saturday

You may not believe this, but I had to practically beg Marshall to take 30 minutes of his time to come with us to the park today. Ezra and I had been pretty cooped up this week with  hair appointments and with our  miserable colds. Marshall was busy checking things off his list and it is hard to disrupt him when he is hard at work.

We were all glad to spend some time at the park. Especially Ezra. He has been so independent and acts so free when we let him loose.

He doesn't really know where to begin, he has to touch everything within his reach, he wants to explore all the different things around him. It is always so fun to imagine what is going on inside his little brain as he experiences things at a new point in his development.

After our trip to the park, Ezra and I went straight down for a nap. I am always so grateful that Marshall let's me nap while he is busy working around the house.  

We had the missionaries over for dinner, we had Marshall's famous burgers on the grill, and we stayed in for the rest of the night. This cold is getting the best of me.

Hope you were able to enjoy your Saturday!