Friday, April 6, 2012

{Fun Facts Friday}

I had to remind myself that it was Friday! I still feel like it is Wednesday, and I have the rest of the week to do the laundry. I am scared to go downstairs and see what kind of heaping pile is towered under the laundry chute. Oh, how I love our little laundry chute.

Here are some Fun Facts to enjoy (or not)

-I get distracted quite easily.
-We have been blowing a LOT of bubbles at our house lately.
-I am terrible at putting the cap back onto the toothpaste- and I am totally aware of the mess.
-The dollar store is awesome.
-Where, oh! Where, has instagram been all my life! You can follow me @Kristyabe- Do it, you won't be sorry.
-I bought myself a diet pepsi today. I felt naughty- not so much for the caffeine, but for the aspartame.
-I only had a sliver of Marshall's birthday cake and it sent me over the edge! SO sweet! My super sensitive taste buds were screaming. The cake still sits on our counter and I am not even tempted! GO me! Over 2 weeks No sugar! I am the bomb. (except for a little aspartame here and, you know... other there...)
-I learned how to layer and frost a cake. I never knew how!
-We didn't have birthday candles, so we took our candle sticks and put them around the cake. It was a little dangerous.
- I have never loved my hair so much, so expect aLOT of photos of my bangs on Instagram, if you do follow me.
-I am looking SO forward to JoAnne to take an updated family photo of my boys and I.
-Easter is hands down one of my most favorite holidays. And to make it even more special,Marshall's family AND my family are coming here for dinner! AND my grandparents, too! So exciting! (Maybe Baby Boy Stevenson can make it as well!;) -- sidenote- BabyBoyStevenson should have been here on the first and is still cookin'!
-Marshall made the menu this week and we ate like king and queens.
-Ezra can say "Bubble" and everything is a bubble.
-We will have an easter egg hunt for him tomorrow night and I am really excited! I hope the weather is nice!
-Friends should NEVER move. It should be a written law or something. Once we are friends we must sign a contract or something. For real.
-This beautiful video gave me goosebumps. I loved it.

I hope you have an absolutely lovely and beautiful Easter. Go to church or come with us! We would love to bring you along to celebrate this beautiful holiday.