Friday, April 13, 2012

{{Fun Facts Friday}}

Happy Friday ya'll. I feel like I have so much to tell you- but I don't really think I do. I must just have a lot on my mind. My head has been spinning this week. I just can't get a grip on life these days!

Here are some interesting Fun Facts:

-Marshall broke a teeny tiny little bone in his left wrist. Which is now in a brace, and he isn't allowed to move it. Which means I have to do a lot for him.
-Have I mentioned to you before that I am not a compassionate and loving wife when Marshall is sick or injured? I am not, in fact. It makes me uncomfortable and I get the giggles when he is in pain. I am trying to work on it. He basically told me the other night that if he knew I would be like this before we got married, he wouldn't have married
-Ezra picked up another cold this week, and it looks like he is getting the last of his teeth! Shoot me. Two sad boys in the house.
-I work with the Young Women (ages 12-18) and one of them won first place at her middle school talent show, I was so proud of her! She is seriously one of the coolest dancers I have ever seen in real life.
-Marshall and I have a dentist date this morning.
-I hate driving downtown.
-I had Dairy Queen last night and it made me sick. I really hate sugar now.
-Marshall loves to watch old black and white films. I do not.
-I need to have my eyes checked again, I absolutely LOVE picking out new glasses.
-I am hosting an awesome giveaway on my style blog today!! Add a comment, you may be a winner!
-Will somebody please give me a massage? And a pedicure?
-I wish I knew how to sew.
-I do not own an Ipod or an mp3 player... I wouldn't even know how to use it. How uncool am I?
-I need a new bike. I would love to have a sweet little cruiser.
-Our Taxes are DONE! Thank you Marshall- You are so smart and I am so grateful for you.
-I only take airborne when I am feeling under the weather.
-I don't wear much jewelry.

I have a really fun weekend plan! How about you?