Friday, April 27, 2012

{Fun Facts Friday}

This week was so great! I wasn't overwhelmed with appointments. I had time to myself and time to spend with friends AND I had time to clean my house. Which you know I love.
This weekend will be spent at a garage sale for my church, I am excited to help the girls (young women) raise money for girls camp this coming summer. My boys will have to take care of each other all day tomorrow, and hopefully Marshall will find things to do with Ezra all day.

Here are a couple fun facts.
-My mom's birthday is on Sunday, I am going out to lunch with her this afternoon to celebrate.
-Marshall and I HATE our kitchen trash can. It is too small for all our garbage and it gets stuck when we try to pull the bag out. every.time. I plan on getting a bigger and better one today. (I hate spending money on stuff like this.)
-Ezra took 2 naps everyday this week. I loved it. I made sure to keep him very busy when he was awake and I think it wore him out.
-Our family pictures turned out beautiful. I cannot wait to get them printed and hung on our wall, it was time for an update.
- I only like lunch somewhere besides my own house. Nothing ever sounds good to me.
- My mini laptops battery is always dead and so is my phone battery. (Am I on them both too much? Probably.)
- I think I finally found new chairs for my dining room table. It is about time.
-Last week Marshall told me that he felt like doing something crazy. I laughed at him and told him he was having a mid life crisis. But then I felt the same way this week-- but with house projects. I am getting the itches to get to work.
-I mowed the front and back yard yesterday- Our yard look beautiful. (Marshall does a good job,too...;)
- Ezra says more words everyday. This week he has said, "Jesus,nana (banana) choo choo" He also says "this,that,whereditgo,whatsthat--- all in one word.
-Friends of ours came over for dinner last night and they had brought home made custard for dessert. I was in heaven, just the perfect amount of sugar.

We have a busy weekend ahead, but I will speak for Marshall and I that we both look forward to a delicious dinner with friends tomorrow night at the Butcher Block in Minneapolis!