Monday, April 2, 2012

::My Monday..

(Aren't Ezras eyelashes insane? I wish I had them!)
We had a spontaneous Monday. The only things that were scheduled were my hair appointments.
Ezra and I got ready for the day, we ate our breakfasts,and played.
 I put Ezra down for his morning nap and then I took an appointment. My day was made after meeting this woman. She looked so beautiful and it was clear that she knew it. I love when I can play a role in that.
(What do you think of my hair?)
After lunch, Ezra and I packed up and visited Sam at work. She picked out the coolest watch for me and I found an adorable little top. Ezra started to lose his mind on the way home. We were cutting it close to his nap time and the only thing I could find to hand to him were 3D glasses from the movie we saw this weekend. He wore them around his neck- I think he thinks that he is wearing them like how we wear glasses.
After I put him down for his nap, I crashed in my normal napping place. I had the worst headache that I was trying to sleep off. I woke up to sweet little Allison and JoAnne at my door. Allison had a haircut and it turned out so cute!
Afterwards, I made a quick dinner. Spinach noodles with prosciutto and garlic herb sauce. It looks gross, but it is delicious.
 After dinner, we ran to target and picked up some groceries and other things.
We had a sweet little family home evening about prayer. We have been so diligent in showing Ezra how to bow his head, close his eyes and fold his arms for prayer. He is definitely learning and it is really precious.

I hope you had a great start to your week, and if you didn't- tomorrow is another day.