Monday, April 9, 2012

{My Monday}

Dear Monday,
You came awfully quick after this weekend. I wasn't exactly ready for you when you arrived on time this morning. And neither was my son, he was not ready for you at all.

We woke up around the same time I think.. a little past 7 was it?
I was still tired an rubbing my eyes while I greeted him this morning.
I have to say, crib photos are my all time favorite. I love his swollen eyes and messy hair and his warm little hands and puffy diaper.
We had bowls of fruit and toast for breakfast. It was delicious. He had a bath and I had a shower. We were both ready for the day by 9:30- we played until his morning nap. After he was down, I had a client named Jenny, she asked for red hair, and she got red hair. It was so fun to catch up with her and she was able to show off her hair in stillwater today, celebrating her birthday. You go girl!
Ezra woke up after she left and we had a simple lunch and from what seemed like a gorgeous day out, we were deceived. We were going to go a walk but I didn't even want to be out there! BrrrRr!It was bitterly cold! We already had our shoes and jackets on, and I did need to get to the beauty supply to pick up some things for tomorrow so we made a quick trip.
We made it back in time to play a little more before Ezra was supposed to take his afternoon nap.
I took my next client while he laid in his crib, but heard his little voice singing and talking the entire time. I thought he would soothe himself down over time, but even after she left he kept on talking....
My friend, Katie came over for a haircut, and Ezra was STILL talking in his crib- happy as a clam. I left him until I finished her cut. I don't think he ever napped. I scooped him up and out of his crib, changed him and we took a trip to the thrift store. I found a plain knee length skirt and leather strapped sandals, there are SO comfortable.
When we got back home, Katie and I chatted about life and fed Ezra dinner. Marshall sent me a message telling me he'd be late tonight and asked if we would pick him up at a bus stop. I agreed. Only because I wanted Chipotle, which I didn't get, I had subway instead. I ran into Walmart (yes, Walmart) to pick up new socks for Ezra, his little ankle circulation have been cut off from the ones he is obviously outgrowing.

I scarfed down my sandwich and Marshall and I caught up on our day. Ezra wobbled around aimlessly and tired until Marshall put him down.I got a call from a friend and chatted with her until my phone died.
Now, I sip on my watered down Coke zero and wait to snuggle in the couch to read Heaven is Here- By Stephanie Nielson, recommended and shared by Katie. I am excited to read it.

We need to make a menu for the week- I hate making the menu.

Hope you have a great week!